Golden Gate bridge


Broadway heads up into the hills, and just past the connection to Route 24 it passes over a sturdy WPA-era concrete structure. A pocket valley here (formerly the Berkeley Rock company quarry) holds the College Preparatory School, and Golden Gate Avenue, one of Upper Rockridge’s main arteries, goes under Broadway here to its end at Chabot Road where Temescal Creek enters a culvert. The Golden Gate bridge (formally it’s the Golden Gate Avenue undercrossing) is built to last, but the ground around it is slumping. After the next big quake on the local fault, the bridge may still stand but be unusable, blocking Broadway, because vehicles won’t be able to get up onto it.

One Response to “Golden Gate bridge”

  1. Ken Clark Says:

    Concrete can solve a lot of problems with transportation, but it wont solve them all….

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