Oakland’s boulder lovers


Berkeley is more famous for its elegant century-old hill neighborhoods that respected the local rocks, such as the Thousand Oaks district. But Oakland shared in that era of rock adoration, and the same developers did their work in both cities. This house on Margarido Drive is in the block of Franciscan mélange that underlies the town of Piedmont and surroundings, and the owners have draped this imposing knocker with vines. Not having my hammer with me, I refrained from giving it a field examination. Other Margarido homes display the local bedrock to advantage too.

2 Responses to “Oakland’s boulder lovers”

  1. 52walks Says:

    […] information: About the hunt for the original “Rock Ridge” and the Margarido boulder from the Oakland Geology blog. A four-mile walk that starts at Rockridge BART and includes part of […]

  2. Ken Clark Says:

    Ugh!, I hope that rock is well attached to the bedrock, it could get…. interesting… some day.

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