North knocker, Mountain View Cemetery


Continuing my inventory of the knockers of Mountain View, this is on the far north end of the cemetery, along the lowest of the three roads back there. It appears to be the coarse, tough sandstone—technically a metagraywacke—that makes up the majority of the Piedmont block. I can’t always tell what a rock is at the cemetery because I can’t whack it with my hammer. Don’t you try that either.

5 Responses to “North knocker, Mountain View Cemetery”

  1. Ken Clark Says:

    lichens everywhere… darned biology is getting in the way of the geology

  2. The Lost Geologist Says:

    Maybe you can go ask the administration to knock-off a tiny sample to make a thin section. ;-D

  3. Andrew Says:

    I was thinking this morning that a tour of the stones might be fun. We’d look at the boulders and also some of the odd/interesting gravestones. There are a couple of gorgeous anorthosite markers among the marble and granite.

  4. Stafford Says:

    Andrew. When Michael and I were walking the cemetery this weekend we were thinking that a tour with you would be a really wonderful thing to do. Let’s make a plan. Stafford

  5. Andrew Says:

    Ah, the gauntlet has been taken up! I take it we are looking at a weekend day? I’m free all days of the week.

    I have some more knocker photos to post. Let’s keep the conversation going in the latest one.

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