Dracena Park, Piedmont

dracena park

Dracena Park is a repurposed quarry pit in lower Piedmont. The quarry was started in 1852 by Walter Blair, at the head of Pleasant Valley Creek (now culverted under east Grand Avenue), and supplied stone for Oakland’s first streets. After it was closed, the City of Piedmont used it as a maintenance yard, then converted it to a splendid park with an enchanting lawn surrounded by a walkway. At the entrance is a sturdy, attractive new play complex; to the north is a narrow ravine where the headwaters of the creek once flowed.

dracena park

The stone appears to be a faulted mix of sandstone and basalt of the Novato Quarry Terrane of the Franciscan complex, like the rest of Piedmont and its surroundings. Here the two rock types are juxtaposed. I’m eager to come back and poke around these rocks some more — with my hammer left at home, of course.

2 Responses to “Dracena Park, Piedmont”

  1. Dracena Park, Oakland – The Miles Mom Says:

    […] week, I decided to take the dogs in the car, to explore somewhere new to walk. Today, I settled on Dracena Park, an old quarry in lovely Piedmont that now has a very short off-leash trail, a few redwood trees, […]

  2. The Lost Geologist Says:

    On the lower foto there seems to be plenty of fresh debris to take a piece home for closer examination. Hammering it would just ruin the great outcrop. You’re totally right on that!

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