Panoramic Way in (yes) Oakland

panoramic way

Panoramic Way is one amazing street. It starts in Berkeley right at the Cal Stadium, crosses the Hayward fault immediately, and winds upward into the hills past one fine house after another. Then it enters Oakland, forming the spine of the city’s northernmost neighborhood. On a day like today, the view is as good as it is from anywhere in the bay area. Some day I’ll climb Panoramic Way all the way to its top, but today I’m beat.

Bedrock is scarce, but what I saw in one spot looked mighty like the basalt of the Rockridge Shopping Center quarry:

panoramic way

But the area is mapped as Great Valley Complex. Go figure.

One Response to “Panoramic Way in (yes) Oakland”

  1. Ken Clark Says:

    I wish homes in Kansas had views like that. But then they would a lot more expencive I’m sure.

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