Rocks of Upper Rockridge

During my search for Rockridge Rock, I’ve been finding some fine Franciscan knockers doing their understated bit to add character to the neighborhood. Call this part 1, because I’ll surely find more as I pursue my search. These five rocks are shown in descending order of elevation. The first is at Buena Vista Avenue and Hill Road, a red chert.


This gray chert is on Bowling Westminster Drive, near the purported Rockridge Rock site on Glenbrook.

bowling drive

This altered chert is next to Romany Road.

romany road

This rugged outcrop is in a private yard.

broadway terrace yard

This greenstone boulder is at Cross Road and Broadway Terrace.

cross road

6 Responses to “Rocks of Upper Rockridge”

  1. pete veilleux Says:

    that greenschist ledge in the second photo is tremendous! can you imagine having that as your backyard?! the landscape potential is to die for!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Doris, I hope you enjoy the rock. Not everybody likes them.

  3. Doris Says:

    We have a very big outcropping in our back yard on Golden Gate. I would say as tall as the one on Bowling Dr., but not as wide.

  4. rob Says:

    that’s funny, i was just out for a walk last week and was checking out that red chert at buena vista and hill.

    great blog, i am very curious about this stuff. took an engineering geology class way back when but don’t remember too much.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Those are fine, excellent rocks, but that area isn’t part of the search.

  6. Alan Says:

    Have you looked at the outcroppings behind the beach house at Lake Temescal? Or is that too far afield to be part of the search?

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