Knockers south


Now is a good time to post this picture taken last June, if only to remind myself that summer will return. This is looking up from Moraga Road, near the Piedmont maintenance yard, at the open land south of Mountain View Cemetery, and of course we are looking once again at knockers.

It’s a scramble to reach those rocks, but they promise the peace of a well-earned private perch with a great view. One or two of the rocks on this slope are appreciated by the local youth, to judge by the paint and other signs. Having been such a youth myself, I can’t object.

Just up the road from this spot is a sweet, discreet trail connecting to Abbott Way.


2 Responses to “Knockers south”

  1. Ken Clark Says:

    The top one reminds me of a day in field camp, when we were mapping a plunging anticline near the Lander, Wyoming, and there was this spit of x-bedded sandstone sticking up with juniper trees (love the smell of those). A nice big rock sticking out of the ground, with a beautiful, peaceful view of the Wind River Range.

  2. Rick Says:

    The photo of the path is lovely. Really enjoy how you’ve helped us look over your shoulder at our landscape. To see the slope of the hill, the folding, lumpy, ground-up, erodable, tectonic rock underneath the chaff and ivy.

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