Quarry pond fixed

quarry pond

For several months, the quarry pond at the Rockridge Shopping Center at Broadway and Pleasant Valley was mostly drained while a crew built a new drainage system. The water grew very clear over the summer, but I never managed to get back to the cliff overlooking it to see what was visible. Too bad—the work is done and the pond is full again, its bottom probably never to be seen in my lifetime. This habitat must be pretty sterile at the moment, but the geese sound happy to be there. The creek has been noisy, too.

3 Responses to “Quarry pond fixed”

  1. Jacob Davies Says:

    Ahhh ex-girlfriend I should have said! A long time ago! I am a married man & all that.

    So, no help with the rock.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks, Jacob. Hey, maybe your girlfriend knows something about the original Rock Ridge Rock; I’m still looking for clues.

    Here’s an alternative view of that glory hole.

  3. Jacob Davies Says:

    Andrew, despite having a girlfriend who lived in a house on the ridge behind the shopping center, and having walked up there many times, I never even knew there was a pond back there! And your photo of the glory hole is quite excellent.

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