Creek mouths

Down at the Martin Luther King Shoreline Regional Park, three creeks debouch into San Leandro Bay. I already talked about San Leandro Creek; the other two are Lion Creek, below (more about it here and here), and Elmhurst Creek, bottom.

lion creek

elmhurst creek

Maybe with all our recent rain, they carried some sediment down to the bay, but probably not. Today both creeks are culverted to within an inch of their lives.

One Response to “Creek mouths”

  1. nina Says:

    I just found out about your blog from the poster about your up-coming talk. I may or may not make the talk, but I am thrilled to find a kindred thinker. For the last several years I have been exploring the hills and hidden watersheds, trying to piece together what the environment must have been like for the people living here before the Spanish arrived.

    I began to realize that the watershed leading to the four creeks (San Leandro, Arroyo Viejo, Lion, and Sausal)- maybe five with Elmhurst, that form San Leandro Bay created a complex set of territories which could be divided up among locals into gathering ranges. But I have never found material to prove my assertions.

    Love to get feedback from you or others on that. Thanks

    Thanks, NIna

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