Oakland geography

I don’t always poke around Oakland’s innards, its rocks and landforms and geologic history. Most of the time, I actually just enjoy the place.

lake merritt

Geography is what geology, climate, history and culture all add up to. Round Top and the ancient volcano it embodies, the hills and the sea air riding up their flanks are merely the stage for Oakland’s beautiful humanity. It is a magnificent arena, where you can see people from every part of the world in one place.

I seem to have caught up with my long backlog of photos and topics. It’s time to get outside again. What questions about Oakland’s geology are on your minds?

3 Responses to “Oakland geography”

  1. Andy B. Says:

    forgive me if you’ve already covered this (i haven’t read very far back… yet), but what exactly were they mining out of the quarry anyway? how did that rock form, when, and what does that mean? i’ve always wondered that!

  2. Andrew Says:

    I wonder too, but of course we can’t wander around in the excavation.

  3. Naomi Schiff Says:

    I am wondering what kind of fill and interesting detritus will be uncovered during the 12th Street project at south edge of Lake M!

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