And now: Oakland in stereo

I’ve been away in Denver, at the Geological Society of America annual meeting, plus a few days in the Rockies, so haven’t posted lately. And naturally I caught someone’s cold germs along the way, so I’m feeling pretty lousy. Let’s try a trick that geologists are trained to do: viewing stereophotos without a viewer. This is a pair of shots I took showing “Mount Ararat” in upper Broadway Terrace. It’s my personal candidate for the original Rockridge Rock. Click on the image for a much larger pair.

mount ararat

You get the stereo effect by crossing your eyes until the images fuse, then directing your focus onto the fused image. This example is a little strong. All I do to make them is take two shots, first leaning left, then leaning right. I give more detailed instructions for viewing stereopairs and some examples on my site. If the effort makes your eyes ache, now you know how I’m feeling at the moment.

One Response to “And now: Oakland in stereo”

  1. Madeline F Says:

    That is pretty cool! I didn’t expect it to work well, but it looked about as good as those ancient original stereoscope images, except in color.

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