More Rockridge Rocks

Lately I’ve returned to Upper Rockridge in search of the elusive Rockridge Rock. On Bowling Drive I captured this view of Cactus Rock, which perches high above Acacia Avenue. (A reader took the same photo in July 2008.)

cactus rock

Cactus Rock is impressive, but I still have trouble believing that picnic parties would come up there regularly; it’s 1000 feet and almost a 200-foot climb from Broadway Terrace. The climb to “Mount Ararat” would have been shorter; but I still lack evidence that a large rock sits up there.

That leads me to 5920 Broadway Terrace, where the owners have recently finished a major upgrade to the grounds revealing some very impressive rocks. (A commenter mentioned it last year.)

broadway terrace rock

Click the photo for a larger view. You can’t quite see it, but the rock beneath the porch now has a fountain installed that spills in a waterfall over it into a pool. Could this house be sitting on the original Rockridge Rock?

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