Joaquin Miller Park geology signage: Thanks, Jean Quan

Oakland is going to get a new mayor soon: Jean Quan, currently on the City Council. It was her discretionary money pot that funded production of a set of interpretive signs for Joaquin Miller Park. One sign will be about the park’s geology, and it will feature a geologic map donated by Karen Paulsell and text and photos donated by me. When the sign is unveiled (I don’t know when), you’ll see some familiar pictures, including the basalt from this post:


the blueschist from this post:


the serpentinite from this post:


and the Joaquin Miller Formation shale from this post:

joaquin miller formation

The fifth photo I haven’t posted here before—this shot of the Oakland Conglomerate exposed along the Montclair Railroad Trail:

oakland conglomerate

I didn’t vote for Quan, but I do appreciate her care for the city’s parks and wish her well.

4 Responses to “Joaquin Miller Park geology signage: Thanks, Jean Quan”

  1. Mark Petrofsky Says:

    Where in the park is the sign?

    [Behind the Abbey on Bishop’s Walk — Andrew]

  2. Judy Judd Says:

    Will you post a photo of the sign itself?

  3. Jules Says:

    Congratulations Andrew on having your beautiful photos in the new signs. Sounds like you may have a mayor who really cares about the public good in the community. Refreshing considering the depressing selfish attitude in much of politics and culture today.

  4. pete veilleux Says:

    This is another great project which will help to educate the people of Oakland about the land under their feet. Jean Quan has been a very active supporter of Friends of Sausal Creek [FOSC] for a long time. i did vote for her and am so happy she won! and Karen Paulsell deserves a big award for the enormous amount of time she has donated to FOSC over the years [over 10 hrs per wk, for many, many years].

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