Five more Oakland quarries

I’ve scrounged through my files and come up with five more quarries in Oakland that I’ve managed to photograph over the years. I’ll show them from north to south. First, of course, is the old Bilger quarry at 51st Street/Pleasant Valley Drive and Broadway, which I’ve featured before on this blog.

bilger quarry

Next we have the quarry in Piedmont that now houses the town maintenance yard, by the ballfield along Moraga Avenue. The little spur street is named Red Rock Road, and the quarry appears to feature some usable shale from the Great Valley Group. But I haven’t dropped by since 2003, and my memory is vague.

red rock quarry

Next we have the old Leona Heights sulfur mine, at the end of McDonell Avenue, which I featured in a discussion of Lion Creek.

sulfur mine

The big old Leona quarry comes next, which I’ve talked about before, once to discuss the site and another time to show the rocks.

leona quarry

Finally, we have a small quarry in Sheffield Village, right on the Hayward fault where the digging was surely easy. Afterward some of those lovely period homes were tucked in there, along Revere Avenue.

sheffield quarry

There are more quarries to be documented; I just need to consult the records and then visit the sites.

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