Radio Tower Hill

On Tuesday the skies were so clear I made a point of visiting the hills. Not as clear as Monday, but from the top of Radio Tower Hill this is how the Golden Gate looked. Remember this when the weather is dismal.

golden gate from radio tower hill

Click the photo for a 1000-pixel version. That’s the Farallon Islands on the horizon, perched at the edge of the continental shelf on the Pacific plate. They consist of the same granite found on Point Reyes, Bodega Head, Montara Mountain and points south in the Salinian terrane. The blob just below them is a freighter bound for the Port of Oakland, or perhaps a tanker bound for Point Richmond. Downward in the image is the bridge, Alcatraz Island, Treasure Island and the foot of Ashby Avenue in Berkeley.

Radio Tower Hill doesn’t really have a name. It’s the hill at the intersection of Grizzly Peak Boulevard and Marlborough Terrace. It’s made of Claremont chert.

One Response to “Radio Tower Hill”

  1. Oakland Daily Photo Says:

    Incredible view. I don’t think I’ve eve seen the Farallons from the East Bay. Thanks.

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