Lift up your eyes

One thing I love about the hills is that they grace every part of Oakland, even the plainest, most utilitarian parts of town, like Peralta Street. You don’t have to be riding BART or high on a freeway or in a park to enjoy the hills, just out and about.

peralta street

And those parts of town, in turn, don’t hold back. They get in your face and don’t pretend to be someplace else.

do something positive

Those parts of town help keep me honest. I recommend them.

6 Responses to “Lift up your eyes”

  1. Johnnie kittrell Says:

    Is there water contamination at the Oakland navel supply station?

  2. Lisa Says:

    That bench is hilarious. And your blog is always fascinating.

  3. Bruce Tutcher Says:

    I’ve lived in the Oakland area for 20 years and have felt the water flowing underneath all this time. “Into the blue again, after the money’s gone, under the rocks and stones, their is water underground”. Same as it ever was.

  4. rabbiadar Says:

    I love the “Do something positive for Oakland” bench photo!

  5. Farmlady Says:

    Oakland is a cool town. It’s been in the news, lately, for a few crazy things but generally it’s wonderful.
    I was raised nearby, my dad worked at the Navel Supply Center and my son lives their now. To me it has history… and beautiful hills.
    Love the bench sign…

  6. oakruss Says:

    I love seeing the hills from all over too. How about a post sometime annotating the ridge in somewhat detail as seen from, say the Lake Chalet dock. I’m never quite sure where Redwood Peak is and so forth.

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