Haddon Hill from Ivy Hill

Ivy Hill is a small but distinct lobe of the big Pleistocene alluvial fan of central Oakland, a wedge between Park Boulevard and 8th Avenue bounded on the west by East 18th Street. This view is from nearly at its high point, at East 21st Street and 7th Avenue, looking at and over Haddon Hill.

haddon hill

Click the photo for a 1150-pixel version. The tall trees beyond the telephone pole are in Smith Park, on Park Boulevard, at the foot of Haddon Hill. Beyond the hill are a whole bunch of buildings on the other side of Lake Merritt. Left of the light pole are the Elihu Harris building and City Hall; to their right is the heart of downtown with Mount Tam behind and the blue glass face of One Lakeside in front. Right of the telephone pole is the Kaiser Center buildings and St. Paul’s Tower behind the street trees. The dark tower on the right is the ugly place by the lake. Clustered at the right are the Bellevue-Staten Building, on the lake, and two buildings all the way over on Pill Hill.

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