Broadway Terrace fault crossing

The Hayward fault is mapped as crossing Broadway Terrace here, just west of the route 13 overcrossing.

hayward fault

The pavement is a wreck and has been repeatedly patched. You may see a dip in the concrete berm in the road’s centerline, too.

On the other side is the old concrete supports for the railroad line that used to go through here.

6 Responses to “Broadway Terrace fault crossing”

  1. rob Says:

    just to the west of here is the onramp for CA13 south, if i understand the picture. caltrans has been doing a lot of work there over the past 3-4 weeks. it seems there’s a mini-landslide going on right at the end of the onramp. have you looked at that?

  2. Andrew Says:

    I wanted to but there were workers and traffic happening.

    Landslides happen all over Oakland, all the time. It’s remarkable, to me, how much we ignore landslides and the threat of landslides.

  3. Jafafa Hots (@JafafaHots) Says:

    Any idea which rail line that was?
    (Besides geology, one of my compulsions is researching bay area mass transit.)

  4. Nick P. Says:

    The support is for the Sacramento Northern Railway. There are several remnants of it around Montclair. At the northern tip of Lake Temescal, there is a small information board about the line. From there, there is a walking path that runs along hwy 13 to the southern entrance of the lake–this path was the old railroad right-of-way. From there, the line crossed over Broadway Terrace where this photo was taken, and actually continues parallel to Hwy 13 on the western side as a fire lane. The entrance to the fire lane is visible on the southbound onramp to hwy 13 at B-way Terrace (where the construction mentioned above is happening). At Thornhill and Moraga, there is the Short Line Pocket Park at the southeast corner of the intersection. The big dirt mount at the back of the park supported the Sac Northern overcrossing at Thornhill. The RoW continues for a short distance behind the houses on Moraga (One of the houses was recently for sale, and I jumped at the chance to go to the open house so I could roam around suspiciously in the back yard–but I was able to see the old RoW pretty clearly as a result). From there, the line crosses Montclair Park. On the east side of the park at Mountain Blvd, there are two huge concrete abutments that supported a bridge across Mountain. The old RoW then continues on the east side of Montclair village as a public walking trail. There are more information signs about the railroad along this section of the trail. You can follow the trail all the way to Shepherd Canyon Rd. and Saroni Dr. where it stops. When the railway was active, the line entered a tunnel near Saroni and exited on the east side of the Oakland Hills near the town of Canyon. The tunnel is long-since sealed, although I’ve heard there ares some railroad artifacts in the Canyon post office. I’ve lived in Montclair almost all my life, and the rail history is fascinating to me.

  5. Naomi Schiff Says:

    Daniel Levy created the two panels about the railway. For info:

    [Excellent! Many thanks. –Andrew]

  6. Samra Says:

    this is all really fascinating history! i’ve grown up in this area, my whole life, and never knew that’s what those walking trails once were.

    they’ve been continuing construction at this same point along hwy 13 for some time now. does anyone know what it is? still landslide issues?

    on another note, is that fire trail generally open for public access? there’s an entrypoint on Florence Ave, and it would be great to have a bike path from this neighborhood along Temescal into Town and along the freeway into Montclair…

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