Rock yard

Years ago, a homeowner installed this yard facing Humboldt Avenue. I think of it as a California zen garden.


These days, landscapers are obliged to buy rocks that come from out of town, produced in anonymous quarries by the big-rig load. This yard could have been furnished with stone from just a couple miles away. One of my many pipe-dreams is to set up a stoneyard where I’d salvage and sell recycled rock from local sources. The market would be vanishingly small, but if just a few people cared that might be enough.

4 Responses to “Rock yard”

  1. ho2cultcha Says:

    East Bay Wilds Native Plant Nursery – by appt – 510-409-6868.

  2. Danny Says:

    I’ve been looking for a couple nice sized “native” rocks for my bacyard on the Temescal Creek floodplain in North Oakland, and lamenting this very same problem! What’s the name of the nursery on 28th?

  3. Andrew Says:

    I should meet you some time.

  4. ho2cultcha Says:

    i already do just that at my native plant nursery on 28th ave at Foothill. We recycle, re-use, and sell rock, bricks, pots, and statues, etc. at the nursery. we treasure our large chunks of local serpentine for stone walls we build. even those pink cement ruffles found in every old garden – usually encircling a lemon or camelia tree. if you turn them over, ruffle-side down, you have a very nice edging which lasts a whole lot longer than bender board! we have piles of rock you can dig thru too.

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