The Redwood Road boulder pile


Up on Redwood Road, across from the entrance to Campus Drive, there’s a pile of boulders of Leona “rhyolite,” probably from the old quarry now occupied by Merritt College, sitting under the trees. While waiting for the 54 bus one day, they waved me over and said, Look at us. I was drawn closer, ever closer to their seductive surfaces, but kept my wits about me and escaped their clutches.









No geology lessons here, just eye candy.

2 Responses to “The Redwood Road boulder pile”

  1. Oakland Daily Photo Says:

    Ah, rock portraits. Well done.

  2. Polly Morris Says:

    The boulders along Redwood Road were not brought over from the old Leona quarries. They were excavated only a few feet from where they now rest. This housing development where they rest was built on one of the two quarries once located between Redwood Road and where Lincoln Square is located. Local lore had it these quarries were separate from the Leona quarries. The quarry on this site reached back to the end of Westfield Way in the Crestmont development. As children In the early to mid- ’60’s, we played in these abandoned quarries. Carl Munck School field trips included geology field work in the quarries for science projects. The abandoned quarry on Redwood Road was also bordered by several commercial horse stables which enjoyed the open space as well. Lots of fond memories of those fascinating abandoned quarries.

    [Thank you, Polly. Since I wrote this post, I figured out that there was quarrying in this area once upon a time. I’m starting to do more serious research into our old quarries, and hints from people like you can be very helpful. — Andrew]

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