Skyline panorama from Lake Merritt

Here’s a project I’ve wanted to do for some time: an annotated panorama of the Oakland skyline. Of course, we have many skylines, as seen from different places, but the first one has to be the view from the mouth of Lake Merritt.

It’s a 4000 X 1200 image weighing 2 MB; for convenience in printing, should that be desirable, I’ve also split it into left and right halves.

The top row of labels is for things on the skyline, and the bottom row, in the water, is for things along the shore. The labels in between are positioned according to their distance. As it happens, I can refer you to previous posts about most of these features.

Top row:

Grizzly Peak
Vollmer Peak
Barberry Peak
Skyline Boulevard roadcut
Round Top
Old Thorn Road Pass
Manzanita Ridge
Pinehurst Pass
Redwood Peak
Redwood Pass
Sugarloaf Hill
Caballo Hills

Middle space:

Claremont Canyon
Route 24 roadcuts
Temescal Canyon
Mountain View Cemetery
Piedmont block
Shepherd Canyon
Pershing Drive
Dimond Canyon
Lookout Point
LDS Temple

The three lower hills belong to the Fan, the crescent of Pleistocene gravel that is Oakland’s most distinctive geologic feature:

Adams Point Hill
Haddon Hill
Bella Vista Hill

Finally, right on the lake itself are these notable features:

Lakeside Park marine terrace
Our Lady of Lourdes
Pine Knoll Park marine terrace

I can see there are a few more things I should write about.

3 Responses to “Skyline panorama from Lake Merritt”

  1. evanosky2014 Says:

    Very nice! Thanks for this.

  2. Joanna Pearlman Says:

    When I was a child in 1950s, we lived near Lake Merrit. Our elderly landlady had lived in our building all her life and talked about how folks could walk across the “lake” in summer when it dried up, but then floods could happen in winter. The lake was connected to the Oakland estuary and was influenced by tides. But then the city put in flood controls and a dam near the southwest corner to keep the lake filled year round.

  3. lspeck Says:

    This is so cool!

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