sidewalk slump

Walking past the Oakland Museum of California on the 10th Street side on my way to the Coliseum yesterday, I saw that the extensive work going on now doesn’t seem to include fixing the sidewalk. There probably is no structural threat to the building; this most likely represents compaction. Try as we may, we can’t always make ground as good as nature alone does. She has the advantage of “world enough, and time.” Foundation work is expensive to do right, but even more so to do poorly.

4 Responses to “Foundations”

  1. Andrew Says:

    The garage is on the other side, but I think there must be gallery or office space right up to the sidewalk on this side. Like I said, it’s more unsightly than dangerous (although it allows more water into the ground here).

  2. Michael Carey Says:

    Is there a underground garage or storage area on the inside of the building?? If so, the sidewalk cracking could result from settlement of backfill behind the wall (under the sidewalk). I worked on a similar situation in SF one time.

  3. Andrew Says:

    From my house, past the museum, to the Coliseum, 7.5 miles. After the game, another 5 miles or so to get home starting at the Fruitvale station. It was a push.

  4. felix Says:

    Wait, were you walking from the Oakland Museum to the Coliseum?!!

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