Views: Mira Vista

Every now and then I’m gripped by a charming view, like this one from Mira Vista Avenue.

valle vista

Click it for an 800×700 version. We’re looking east across the valley of Pleasant Valley Creek, which runs under Grand Avenue, to what I call Warfield Ridge. That ridge and the foreground are on the big Pleistocene alluvial fan that stretches from Pill Hill to Evergreen Cemetery. Little bits of upper Piedmont (Franciscan sandstone) are also visible, and behind it all is the Oakland Hills (Tertiary sedimentary rocks), including Redwood Peak at its highest point.

This is a great time of year to walk around Oakland, if you can make the time.

Before you take that walk, please contact your state assembly member about Senate Bill 624, which would remove the state rock. It’s on the floor now. Geology teacher Garry Hayes has been indefatigable in the effort to defeat SB624; his latest post today is a masterpiece.

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