Oakland is a compelling city, which I knew when I moved here in 1989, but I had no idea how much fascinating geology there is here. Because my work on this site doesn’t earn me anything, I gratefully accept PayPal donations to support it. As I get deeper into our remarkable geology I expect to consult specialists and archives, requiring more time and local travel (which I do by CityCarShare). I plan to field-check previous mapping and add data of my own, which would require a professional-quality field logging tool. I have in mind a book, the possibility of group tours, and a website for the greater Bay area. I have no premiums or tchotchkes to offer as of yet, just the thanks of a guy being offered a shoestring of support for a long-term effort.

Send a contribution via PayPal to alden, then the “at” symbol, then andrew-alden, dot com. Remember the hyphen! Thanks in advance and forever after.