The Book, Deep Oakland

This is a page about my upcoming book, to be published in 2023 by Heyday Books, working title Deep Oakland. I announced it in a post last year, but here’s where I’ll keep y’all updated. I’ll post short bulletins here, with the latest on top. Comments are OK for now; I trust you to keep them brief and focused.

13 May 2022: My final manuscript was accepted today. The printed book will be released in the spring/summer season of 2023.

Between now and then there’s a lot to do. The manuscript will be copyedited next, then typeset and laid out within the book design. The illustrations will be created in collaboration with an artist and fine-tuned. Printing and production and marketing and sales. I’ve done or closely witnessed all of these publication tasks in my career, and I look forward to experiencing the next year’s work.

More immediately, I’ll begin a fundraising campaign during the next three months to support these tasks. Heyday requires this in our contract, and it’s commonly done by nonprofit publishers. (If you’re impatient, I’m accepting donations and have already accumulated several.)

20 April 2022: Again, read last year’s post for an introduction. Right now I have ne-e-arly finished the final manuscript, and it will go out for copyediting next month. I’ve been a copyeditor for nearly fifty years, and I don’t expect any serious problems coming up, but I value the close attention and expert feedback. The hard work has been in the substantive editing stage, with Heyday’s staff editor swapping paragraphs around and making excellent suggestions as I fill in cracks and groom the text. It’s been a challenging but collegial experience, and the book is much better for it.

At the same time, we’ll be getting the illustration program under way. It may surprise you, given my emphasis on imagery in this blog, that I’m not submitting anything of mine for the book. I’m not capable of producing what I want to see, but there are excellent artists who are.

In a few months, I’ll commence the fundraising drive that is a widespread practice among nonprofit publishers. I’ll post more about that as the time approaches.

The fun stuff — typesetting, layout, galleys and review copies, cover design, author photos, indexing — won’t happen til late this year and early next year, looks like.

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    Congratulations! I look forward being able to have the book with me on my walks through Oakland.

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